In the XVIth century, there was a "tour de guet" (look-out tower) situated on the slope of a hill, overlooking the Saône Valley and facing the Alps. It is now in the North wing of the house.

During the XVIIIth century, the Nicolaus, Lords of Montribloud, are said to have built a hunting lodge.

At the beginning of the XIXth century, Madame Barthelemy de Ferrus de Plantigny, née de Montribloud, inherited it. Then it passed by marriage to the Romanet de Lestrange (great-grand-parents of the well-knowned pilot and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) who gave the name of Lestrange or l'Hestrange to the estate.

 In 1889, Monsieur Louis Félix Billard from Alexandria (Egypt) bought it. He brought back from one of his trips two sphinxes which stand on the terrace today.

In April 2000, Laurent Metge-Toppin, Oenologist, wine broker in London, and great-grand-nephew of Théodore de Lestrange, bought back the estate, with his wife Blandine. Together they entirely renovated the main house, directing with passion this challenging project. The property and its gardens were designed to reflect the harmony and individuality sought after in the wines.



DUFOUR 1954-1827

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